Seth Freeman Shows Last Weekend of Feb 2014

Hey Free People!  Here’s where I’ll be this weekend.  I hope to see you at one or ALL of these events.

Friday Night! 2/21/14

Muse on 8th in Hollywood
Shannon Hurley’s Album Release Party
My set is at 8PM Sharp
FREE show!


Saturday Afternoon! 2/22/14

The District Lounge in Orange, CA
Still Spark Full Band Show
We play from 4PM – 7PM
FREE show!


Sunday Night! 2/23/14

The Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks, CA
Talent Tree presents Acousters featuring Jon Coco
7PM – 10PM
I’m on early but stay for the entire night!
FREE show!


Peace, Love, and Pop/Rock/Country/Alternative/Americana/Indie/Folk!

PS: Did I use enough exclamation points to get you excited?

“Tear Down the Walls” Video

Tear Down the Walls is the second in a series of five music videos for Seth Freeman’s “Into Your Atmosphere” EP.

Directed and Edited by Jason Weissbrod

Cinematography by Jeremiah Kent
Visual Effects by Andrew Dickinson
Story by Jason Weissbrod & Seth Freeman

Special thanks to:
* Hunter Scott Macleod for the vehicle prop
* C&M Printing for the location for the opening scene

Track produced by Chris Zerby
Drums by Blair Sinta
All other instruments by Seth Freeman

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Tear Down The Walls (8x)

We have these pent up rages
We share these fenced in cages
We are strong
And we are wrong
Hell is a prison of the self

Tear Down The Walls (8x)

We think we are so special
We think we’re more or lesser
We are strong
And we are wrong
Hell is a prison of the cell

Na na na na (etc.)

Tear Down The Walls (8x)

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Apollo Thirteen Video

This is the first in a series of five music videos for Seth Freeman’s “Into Your Atmosphere” EP.

Directed and Edited by Jason Weissbrod

Cinematography by Jeremiah Kent
Visual Effects by Andrew Dickinson
Story by Jason Weissbrod & Seth Freeman

Special thanks to:
* Conroe Brooks at Flash Mob America for the helicopter shot
* Hunter Scott Macleod for the vehicle prop
* Patricia Reitman, co-star
* Kyle Newmaster, trumpet on intro score

Track produced by Chris Zerby
Drums by Blair Sinta
All other instruments by Seth Freeman

“When I wrote this song, Apollo Thirteen, I was feeling like that spaceship, lost on the dark side of the moon, just trying to get home, just trying to get back to that feeling of being connected with the one that I loved.”
~ Seth Freeman, ResidentBand SONGxSONG video (watch for in depth discussion of the song)

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I’m Apollo Thirteen
ran out of fuel
on my way to you
so far, so near

I’m Apollo Thirteen
wrapping ’round your moon
heading back into
your atmosphere

Let myself go
just let me float
trust I will know
when I know

I’m Apollo Thirteen
nothing more to do
on a course for you
that I did not steer

Apollo Thirteen
dropped from the race
to a deeper space
of timeless sleep

Apollo Thirteen
beautiful and flawed
broken demigod
drifting aimlessly

Let myself float
just let me go
trust I will know
when I know

Apollo Thirteen
a promise of
something from above
that could not keep

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Live at Molly Malone’s on October 25

Hi Free People!

First up, save the date!  My first full band show in many months is at Molly Malone’s on Friday, October 25, 2013 at 8:30PM.

Molly Malone’s
575 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Friday, October 25, 2013

Secondly, in the coming months, I want to feature your photos and favorite quotes in my posts.  If you have something you’d like to share and allow me to post, just let me know via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

“Apollo Thirteen”
Pictures having to do with space, stars, the sky, space ships, etc.
Quotes about relationships spanning long distances, less than ideal circumstances, or time.

“Tear Down The Walls”
Pictures of walls, fences, institutions, and other barriers.
Quotes about unity, both personally and in society, overcoming adversity, and traversing difficult situations.

“Wheels Set in Emotion”
Pictures of anything having to do with wheels – cars, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, trains, etc.
Quotes about undeniable love.

“Fallin’ (Into You Again)”
Pictures of free falling, sky diving, bungee jumping, extreme sports.
Quotes about falling into the same patterns.

“One and the Same”
Pictures of paths, sidewalks, trails, giving the impression of a never-ending journey.
Quotes about our similarities as human beings and that which ties us together and creates timeless bonds.

“Peace on Earth”
Images and quotes that have to do with peace.  You know, quotes from Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, etc., as well as … maybe you!

In other  Seth Freeman news …

If you missed “Dear Dumb Diary” on The Hallmark Channel, you can now purchase the DVD, especially if you have a middle-schooler in your house.  You can also download the soundtrack on iTunes (mine is track #8).

Nic Shake’s first single from Universal Media Group (cowritten and produced by yours truly) is out on iTunes now!

Remember, if you don’t already have my “Into Your Atmosphere” EP, you can buy it now! If you do already own it, please share it with your friends, and think about giving it as a birthday or holiday gift!

Have a great week!

Into Your Atmosphere re-release

Hi Free People!

I’m excited to share with you that I’ve signed with a new artist-centric independent record label called SB-Ignite, which is part of the Simply Boundless Entertainment group of companies. They are re-releasing my “Into Your Atmosphere” EP September 4, 2013 and putting together some very cool merchandise for you!  I’m shooting a series of videos for the songs from the EP with Jason Weissbrod and Jeremiah Kent which we will be releasing over the coming months.  Just to give you a taste, this is what we did on the first day:

photo: Jeremiah Kent

Given my travel schedule back and forth to Austin over the coming months, I ended up scheduling the release party for the record on October 25, 2013 at Molly Malone’s LA.  I may set up a listening party with acoustic performance for some time in September.  Regardless, mark your calendars for the October 25 date and come out to support me at this show as I launch the next phase of my music career!

In other  Seth Freeman news …

  • My song “Perfect People of the World”  is featured in the TV-Movie version of Jim Benton’s “Dear Dumb Diary”, directed by Tony nominated Kristin Hanggi of Rock of Ages fame. Be sure to tune into The Hallmark Channel on Friday, September 6, 2013  at 8PM / 7PM Central for this back to school special, especially if you have a middle-schooler in your house!  You can find a preview on iTunes (mine is track #8) available for purchase on 9/10/13.
  • My buddy Nic Shake and I wrote and recorded a record together four years ago and it’s finally seeing the light of day.  Universal Media Group has signed Nic and is heavily promoting him in Malasia right now.  We’re going to put some finishing touches on the record this fall and come 2014 you may get news from me of an Asian tour promoting Nic’s record!

Also stay tuned for exciting news from Still Spark and Stefano, two other projects near and dear to my heart.

Meanwhile, if you don’t already have my “Into Your Atmosphere” EP, get ready for it on 9/4/13, and if you do already have it from my initial DIY release earlier this year, please share the news with your friends!



Into Your Atmosphere

On the heels of his prominent placement in “Dear Dumb Diary” directed by Kristen Hanggi (Rock of Ages) to air on the Hallmark Channel on September 6, 2013 as well as his production and co-writing credit on Nic Shake’s upcoming release with Universal Music Group, Seth Freeman has signed a deal with SB-Ignite Records for worldwide distribution and promotion of his epic trio of solo EPs. The first of these EPs is “Into Your Atmosphere”.

From Manhattan to Santa Fe to Baton Rouge to Teaneck, New Jersey, Seth Freeman had been all over the country before middle school. He started singing and writing songs as a kid, and never stopped. He has written songs in dreams, on walks with dogs, or sitting with the guitar.

After leaving New Jersey, Seth spent a number of years in Boston, where he graduated from Berklee School of Music, and got his main guitar, a unique vintage Gibson SG Special, for only 180 bucks off a guy from the Want Ad Press (this was pre-Craigslist era). It was out of Boston that he was signed to EMI with his band Little John and toured up and down the east coast.

After a couple years in San Francisco with a new Little John lineup, Seth landed in Los Angeles, where he has been pursuing a solo career ever since. Seth has continued to write, record, and perform. He has also scored films, produced other artists, and had songs placed in movies and TV, as well as joining forces with other songwriters in the bands Still Spark and College Girlfriend.

Look out as Seth Freeman launches “Into Your Atmosphere”, on SB-IGNITE Records on Sept. 4, 2013.

Live at Room 5 on May 17 and Other News!

Seth Freeman - Room 5 - Event Banner

I’m performing live at Room 5 on Friday, May 17 at 8PM.  I’ve created a Facebook Event for the show, so head on over to Facebook to accept the invitation.  Stefano Capobianco, who is supporting me, will also be performing a mini-set of his own material, for which I will be backing him up.  I am also bringing Susan Howard on stage to perform some College Girlfriend songs with me.  It’s going to be a special night.  I hope to see you there.

After the show is done, I’ll post any photos, audio, video, set list, or whatever else here on the page I have created specifically for the show.

Speaking of pages created for shows, I also created a page specifically for the Molly Malone’s show this past Friday.  On this page you will find the set list, photos, and videos.  I’ll be adding more videos frequently over the next month, so check back to see more.

I also have a show coming up on June 15 at the Foundation Room at the House of Blues, so mark your calendars for that as well.

In addition to my solo shows, I have two special shows coming up, one supporting Stefano Capobianco at Genghis Cohen on Saturday May 4, and one with Still Spark at Brix Sunset Beach on Sunday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!) from 4pm-7pm.  I hope to see you at all of them!

Here is the first video I posted from the Molly Malone’s show. Enjoy.

Gigs and Friends and Dueling Guitars!

Hey guys!

I’ll be performing live with my band THIS Friday, April 19 at 9:30PM at Molly Malone’s LA.

See my Seth Freeman Live at Molly Malone’s Facebook Event for details and share it with your friends in Los Angeles!

Stefano and I will be dueling solos while Chris and Kelly hold down the rock.  It’s going to be a great time, and I hope to see you there!

Two weeks later, I’m performing on Saturday, May 4 supporting Stefano Capobianco at Genghis Cohen.

I also have a show coming up with Still Spark on Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May for anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish) from 4PM to 7PM at Brix Sunset Beach (Sunday May 5).  It is going to be a blast, as we have Kelly King on drums and Dean and Sug Parra joining us again.  We’re hoping they’ll do a short Low Low Jones acoustic set with Tawny as well.

Then on Friday, May 17 I’m playing an acoustic show at Room 5 in Hollywood.  I’m really excited to play this venue, as they’ve been doing some great things building the music community here in LA.  For this special show, in addition to my solo material, I’ll be bringing Susan Howard up for a mini College Girlfriend Set and Stefano Capobianco will be taking the lead on a mini set of his songs as well.  It should be a great intimate night of acoustic song-driven music.

Coming up the following month I’ll be doing another full rockin’ band set at The Foundation Room at the House of Blues on Saturday, June 15.